If you have reached this website, you probably want to know "Who is this guy?" and "What does he do?".
Let's try clearing things up, then:


My name is Jan Drabner - also known as "TheSHEEEP" on a number of platforms and communities.
I am a software developer with experience in a relatively large number of topics, from backend as well as frontend development to cross-platform development, porting and games. No worries, I won't bore you with a long list of skills here - if you want that, head over to the CV & References section.

I consider myself a very professional worker, focused getting the job done while balancing that with a strong desire to do so in a proper, documented and maintainable manner.
My pet peeves are probably optimization - as well as knowing when not to optimize, audio/video-encoding, streaming media and being able to quickly get accustomed with new topics and technologies.
Thankfully, my colleagues so far seem to agree.

My free time I like to spend playing games (PC, mostly), consuming various media, learning languages (well, one at a time), programming and cooking as well as doing all of that together with friends.


If you are still reading, good!
Feel free to contact me for business proposals or other questions.